Why Panama?  


Ocean Embassy conducted extensive research worldwide to find the best location for our marine resort experience. Steady economic growth, strong development, pristine oceanfront, friendly people, an expanding tourism market, and a long list of many other positives quickly made Panama our first choice.

With its inviting climate characterized by warm winters and lush tropical geography, Panama is a virtual paradise - a perfect setting in which to create a unique and exciting venue for a world-class destination and themed resort attraction. Blessed with good infrastructure left from a long history of collaboration with the United States during the operation of the Panama Canal, Panama has an excellent foundation for continuing to modernize and develop.

Panama has newly expanded and refurbished airport facilities in Panama City and other locations with a good airlift capacity for bringing visitors to the country. Also, the site selected by the Ocean Embassy team is within the boundaries of established tourism areas in the fastest growing tourism sector of Panama along the Pacific Coast.

Panama has a historically stable political system and few of the political challenges of some countries in Central and South America. With a new government committed to growing a strong tourism market, policies also actively support the responsible management of the country's marine resources and environment. Panama has demonstrated that it will be a reliable partner in this project's development.

With full support of all appropriate government agencies, our choice of properties included: access to sea water, guest accessibility, significant acreage for growth, dynamic oceanfront views, convenient location, direct highway access and natural beauty of the land. We selected a site called Playa Corona. A contract for over 600 acres has been completed, setting the course to fully develop our flagship Ocean Embassy site.

Our brand is defined by:

  • Personal Experience
  • Enrichment
  • Participation
  • High Quality, Natural Environments and Service
  • High Standards of Animal Care
  • Innovation on Every Level

With dolphin programs being one of our most prominent features in the resort, we intend to expand this concept by providing maximum enrichment for the animals and their new acquaintances. No two guests will ever have the same experience! Simply put, ours is a resort for ocean lovers. Nearly every aspect of the resort, the activities, the accommodations, the shopping; focuses on ocean themes, wildlife, and an enhanced awareness about the marine environment. From tranquil mornings and exciting beach sports to exquisite dining and spa escapes, your experience is yours to choose. Our concepts invite our guests to embark on new adventures, to try new things and to do their favorite things… in a place that can only be described as an ocean paradise. Visit Ocean Embassy Panama and you’ll discover that there are few, if any, more magnificent sources of well being, beauty and entertainment, than the sea.


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